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The creations of tormalina bijoux are the product of so much passion, united to great appointment
Tormalina Bijoux Designer Made in Italy 100%

tormalina bijoux
design lab 100% made in Italy

ormalina bijoux is a completely Italian design lab, dedicated in providing a finished product from every perspective. Starting from the study of market trends and preferences, to the idea of a new accessory, through the development of an entire Italian design. The staff of Tormalina Bijoux is 100% female with an experience of over 30 years in the field, from creativity to technical knowledge.

laboratorio accessori modaAccuracy in the particular ones, attention in the study of the creations and in the development of the idea in finished object, is a guarantee of high quality. But more than everybody, the true guarantee, s the love for our job.

The execution of small and large orders is always handmade. Our goal is to offer items that retain the flavor of polished jewelry in all its details and never gives the impression of an industrial accessory

We pay particular attention to versatility: in specific we strive to maintain creativity while working in close collaboration with our customers needs. Customizing options are endless thanks to the possibility of composing with different materials

bottoni dipinti a mano con città italiaThe detail is often what makes the difference in high fashion. We began by creating the luxury "element". The first creation of tormalina bijoux was in fact a hand-painted button depicting miniature of Italian cities. It became an emblem of our work and our concept of uniqueness.

laboratorio accessori moda

Each season we study innovative trends and items, to inspire new emotions. We are inspired by everything creates meaning: history, people, nature, colors ... we translate them into small and large objects that will live forever with the woman who will wear them.

Our flexibility and versatility gives the option of assembling various materials and to transform a necklace into a belt, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a brooch ... to create a set, or a new unusual mix.

"The creations of Tormalina Bijoux are the product of so much passion, united to great appointment"
Patrizia Zagatti
patrizia zagatti 

laboratorio italiano creazione bijoux 
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